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The Wonders of the Mass [Out of Stock]
The Wonders of the Mass [Out of Stock] Quantity in Basket: None
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The Wonders of the Mass
by Fr. Paul O'Sullivan, O.P.

42 page booklet (3.75" x 6")

   In the Wonders of the Mass the beloved and incomparable Fr. Paul O'Sullivan tells us that "The Mass is the greatest wonder in the world" and that "The next greatest wonder is the indifference and ignorance of Catholics regarding Holy Mass." To lift us out of our blindness toward the Mass, he gives us the remarkable words of the Saints and various holy writers regarding this Holy Sacrifice, thus enabling us to see it through their eyes; plus, through the revelations of Our Lord Himself to St. Mechtilde. Father O'Sullivan tells of the countless Angels present at Mass and of miracles that have taken place at Mass; he also describes the Mass as said by Pope Leo XIII, Priests as "The Happiest of Men," Priests as "Angels on Earth," The Benefits of the Mass, and How a Protestant was converted by the Mass; plus, he tells of severe punishments from Heaven on Catholics who missed Sunday Mass. To help us obtain the greatest possible benefits from this inexhaustible spiritual treasury, Fr. O'Sullivan explains how to assist at Mass well. Indeed, there is nothing better that we can do with our time, for "All the labors and works of a day or a week or a whole year are nothing in comparison with the value of one Mass." Thus this little book reveals one of the greatest secrets in the whole universe: There is nothing else on earth equal to the Mass and nothing greater in all of Heaven.

(Published by TAN Books)

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