Gradually the resistance of the devils began to wane. They seemed to become more docile. Their bold, bitter demeanor gave way to more moaning and despairing tones. They could not bear the tortures of exorcism any longer. With great uneasiness they explained that they would finally return to hell. But how often they are deceptive and unreliable!  Experience teaches us that at times they pretend to leave the possessed entirely at ease for a while, in order to side-track the unwary observer and thus outwit him.

For this reason Father Th., almost completely exhausted, demanded in the name of the Most Blessed Trinity that at their departure the devils should give a sign by giving their respective names.

"Yes," they promised emphatically.

It was on the twenty-third day of December, 1928, in the evening about nine o'clock that, with a sudden jerk of lightning speed the possessed woman broke from the grip of her protectors and stood erect before them. Only her heels were touching the bed. At first sight it appeared as if she were to be hurled up to the ceiling. "Pull her down!  Pull her down" called the pastor while Father Th. blessed her with the relic of the Cross, saying:  "Depart, ye fiends of hell!  Begone, Satan, the Lion of Juda reigns!"

At that very moment the stiffness of the woman s body gave way and she fell upon the bed. Then a piercing sound filled the room causing all to tremble vehemently. Voices saying, "Beelzebub, Judas, Jacob, Mina," could be heard. And this was repeated over and over until they faded far away into the distance.

"Beelzebub, - Judas, - Jacob, - Mina."  To these words were added:  "Hell--hell--hell!"

Everyone present was terrified by this gruesome scene. It was the long awaited sign indicating that Satan was forced to leave his victim at last and to return to hell with his associates.

What a happy sight it was that followed!  The woman opened her eyes and mouth for the first time, something that had never taken place while the exorcism itself was going on. She displayed a kindly smile as if she wanted to say:  "From what a terrible burden have I been freed at last!"

For the first time in twelve years she uttered the most holy name of Jesus with child-like piety:  "My Jesus, Mercy!  Praised be Jesus Christ!"

Tears of joy filled her eyes and those of all in attendance.

Amid the first rejoicings, the witnesses were not aware of the terrible odor that filled the room. All the windows had to be opened. The stench was unearthly, simply unbearable. It was the last souvenir of the infernal devils who had to abandon their earthly victim.

What a day of joy it was for the whole parish!  Te Deum laudamus! Holy God, we praise Thy name!  Not unto us, not unto us, 0 Lord, but to Thy name be glory and praise!

From that time on the woman, always sincerely good, pious and religious, frequently visited the Blessed Sacrament and assisted at Holy Mass. She received Communion in a most edifying manner. That which was so terrible for her while she was under the torturing powers of Satan is now the peaceful joy, of her heart and soul.