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The Novus Ordo Missae

Martin Luther said something to the effect that if you take away the Mass, you take away the Church. Do we not see the Church crumbling since the introduction of the Novus Ordo Missae? We urge New Mass Catholics to read the articles below with good faith, assuring them that one can never be considered separated from the Church by attending the Latin Mass.

  1. Bishop Lazo's Letter  - A Catholic Bishop, Bishop Salvador L. Lazo, wrote a letter to the Pope on Ascension Thursday of 1998. In the letter, the retired bishop gives his "Declaration of Faith", explaining in detail his reasons for rejecting the Modernism entrenched in the Church, in all of its forms, including the New Mass, false ecumenism, and the reforms of Vatican II. For traditional Catholics, this letter represents a vindication of their adherence to Tradition and the Church before Vatican II, seemingly against the wishes of the Pope. For Catholics who attend the New Mass or who are not aware of the problems in the Church, this letter provides a source for serious contemplation and prayerful thought. For all, it is a "must read." We present it to you all, not feeling at all to be overemphasizing its importance, in the hopes that you will read and distribute it, bearing much fruit.
  2. Letter of St. Athanasius to his flock  - The crisis of the Church in the 4th century parallels Her present calamities. It was St. Athanasius against the world and the great saint prevailed. We must pray that God will deign to raise up a great defender of the Faith in this Modern Age, with the Church infiltrated by Her enemies.
  3. A Model Bishop Just Doing His Job  - Learn about the Bishop de Castro Mayer and his diocese of Campos, Brazil.
  4. This article is offered by Our Lady of the Rosary Library Why the Traditional Latin Mass?  -  This article explains the problems with the Novus Ordo Missae (The New Mass), the results of the changes since Vatican II and why we should only attend the traditional Latin Mass.
  5. CLEAR IDEAS on the POPE'S INFALLIBLE MAGISTERIUM  - What worries Catholics most in the current crisis in the Church is precisely the "problem of the pope." This excellent article examines the two extremes: "The pope is always infallible and so we always owe him blind obedience" or "The pope is infallible only in his Extraordinary Magisterium, so we can sweep away 2000 years of ordinary papal Magisterium."
  6. Traditional Mass Never Forbidden - In 1986, Pope John Paul II appointed a commission of nine Cardinals to examine the legal status of the traditional rite of Mass, commonly known as the "Tridentine Mass". Here are their findings!
  7. The Ottaviani Intervention - The famous "Critical Study of the New Mass" by a group of Roman Theologians in 1969. [External link]
  8. Index of Leading Catholic Indicators: The Church Since Vatican II - The findings of this survey are staggering. If anyone thinks there is not a crisis in the Church or that it is not the result of Vatican II, let him read these statistics.
  9. Communion in the Hand... Why? - One of the most shocking abuses that has crept into the Church since Vatican II is Communion in the hand. This article asks many questions that are thought provoking and provides some insightful statistics at the end.
  10. Daily Mass  - What could you do during the day that would even approach the importance of going to (Latin) Mass?
  11. Why the Mass in Latin?  - Explains why Latin is the language of the Church
  12. The Campos Profession of Faith  - 25 priests signed this profession of faith in 1982. It contains practical insights into the problems of the Church today and specifically the wrongness of the New Mass. This profession shows that you are being faithful to the Church by NOT attending the New Mass.
  13. Catholic Family News - a traditional Catholic journal published monthly (800-474-8522). [External Link]

  • For help locating the traditional Latin Mass in your area, send us an email or give us a call at (502) 425-9738.
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