Our Lady of the Rosary

A Devotional Prayer Booklet

  1. Daily Prayers
  2. The Holy Ghost
  3. The Beatitudes
  4. The Rosary
  5. 15 Promises of Mary to Those who Recite the Rosary
  6. The Angelus
  7. Prayer to Guardian Angel
  8. The Holy Name of Mary
  9. Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi
  10. Prayer for Souls in Purgatory
  11. Suffering
  12. The Holy Face of Jesus
  13. Prayer for a Family
  14. Acts of Faith, Hope and Charity
  15. Prayer before a Crucifix
  16. Communion
  17. The Ten Commandments
  18. The Divine Praises
  19. Love and Respect the Holy Name of Jesus

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