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Lives of the Saints

Truly how interesting are the lives of the saints! They amaze us with their holiness and miracles. Let them be an inspiration and model for our daily lives.

  1. St. Anthony Mary Claret  Feast October 23 - Vowing never to waste a moment of time, St. Anthony wrote over 144 books and gave over 25,000 sermons in 35 years as a priest. He also worked many miracles, some of which are included in this story.
  2. St. Vincent Ferrer Feast April 5 - He converted whole synagogues of Jews with a single sermon, raised persons from the dead, and was frequently required to pause in his sermons because of the weeping and sobbing of the listeners. Read the story of this great saint!
  3. St. Francis Xavier Feast December 3 - This lengthy biography tells of the story of the great missionary who converted over three million souls in just ten years.
  4. St. John Marie Vianney Feast August 8 - Satan told this saint that if there were two others like him on earth at that time, his (Satan's) kingdom would be dissolved.
  5. This article is offered by Our Lady of the Rosary Library Saint Padre Pio - This article on Padre Pio presents the most interesting lessons to be learned from his life, and the practical applications that could transform our own. Included are some of his miraculous conversions and healings. This article also relates how he opposed the spirit of change that motivated Vatican II and continued to celebrate only the traditional Latin Mass. 
  6. St. Germaine Feast June 15 - Crippled and abused, St. Germaine did not rebel against society, but rather became a Saint. What a wonderful example she is to those of us who think that the rigors of every day life make it impossible to attain a high state of perfection.
  7. St. Maria Goretti Feast July 6 - The purity of this young girl is an example to us all. Like her, we must choose death rather than sin.
  8. St. Valentine Feast February 14 - Learn about the reason we celebrate Valentine's Day. Like most holidays, it has Catholic roots.
  9. St. Patrick Feast March 17 - Read about some of the many miracles this great saint performed when converting the entire country of Ireland to the Faith in the 5th century.
  10. St. Benedict Feast March 21 & July 11 - St. Benedict of Nursia (480-543), "Father of Western Monasticism" and founder of the Benedictine Order. All Catholics should know about St. Benedict's life and miracles. He is still today a powerful protector in dangers to soul or body, and is a Saint to invoke in every sort of necessity.
  11. This article is offered by Our Lady of the Rosary Library St. Catherine Laboure and the Miraculous Medal Feast December 31
  12. St. Camillus de Lellis Feast July 18
  13. St. Paul of the Cross Feast April 28
  14. Pope St. Pius V Feast May 5