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Sermons and Writings of the Saints

The saints, as models of Jesus Christ in their practice of heroic virtue, deserve a fair portion of respect and admiration. Besides invoking them and trying to imitate their virtues, we can also honor them by heeding their words. If we will not listen to the saints, then who will we listen to?

  1. This article is offered by Our Lady of the Rosary Library St. Leonard on The Fewness of the Saved - Feeling tepid in the practice of your Holy Faith? Then read St. Leonard of Port Maurice's masterful sermon about the large number of those who are damned. What is really scary is that he is speaking not about infidels and heretics, but about Catholics!
  2. Letter of St. Athanasius to his flock - The crisis of the Church in the 4th century parallels Her present calamities. It was St. Athanasius against the world and the great saint prevailed. We must pray that God will deign to raise up a great defender of the Faith in this Modern Age, with the Church infiltrated by Her enemies.
  3. St. Alphonsus' Advice to Parents - The great doctor of the Church, St. Alphonsus de Liguori, councils parents as only a Saint could. A "must-read" for mothers and fathers. [En Español]
  4. On the Means Necessary for Salvation - St. Alphonsus lists three means and explains them in his clear and understandable style, with copious support from Scripture and the Saints.
  5. St. John Vianney on Dancing - Dancing is one of those things that is so commonplace that we have become "spiritually immune" to its evils. Here the Cure puts dancing in its proper perspective. Read this sermon and think of other things that have become so ingrained in our culture that we do not realize their sinfulness, such as women wearing pants, and get them out of your lives! Sure, some foolish worldlings might look on you with contempt, but that is part of being Catholic.
  6. On The Number of Sins Beyond Which God Pardons No More - St. Alphonsus reveals that our next mortal sin could be our last! Reading this sermon gives one great incentive to be very serious about saving one's soul.
  7. This article is offered by Our Lady of the Rosary Library The Pains of Hell - St. Anthony Mary Claret puts hell and eternity in their proper perspective in this sobering article. [En Español]
  8. Drinking and Taverns - The Cure d' Ars explains the awfulness of drunkenness.
  9. St. Alphonsus against the "Reformers" - The great St. Alphonsus tells us how to recognize the true Church and shows how the churches of the "Reformers" fail in every one of these aspects.
  10. Trustful Surrender to Divine Providence - The Will of God is the cause of all that exists. Total submission to His Will amasses for us more riches in a few days than others are able to acquire in many years, as taught by St. Claude de la Colombiere, S.J. and Father Jean Baptiste Saint-Jure, S.J.
  11. The Happiness of Heaven - In Heaven the soul is certain that it loves God, and that He embraces it as a beloved child and that this love will not be dissolved for all eternity. Taken from the book "Preparation for Death" by St. Alphonsus de Liguori.